Duhová panna

Premiere:  2000
Igor in role: King Zoran

Where else but a fairy tale can lead us into a world of extraordinary, full fantasy and magic. Today's tells of love that overcomes all obstacles.

Two worlds meet here – the cold and strict world of the Master of Springs (D. Lenci), and the human one, in which the Rainbow Virgin (P. Ptáčková-Vitázková) finds an as yet unknown feeling. The bond between her and the young monarch is stronger than the bans of the Master of Springs. And so the Rainbow Virgin decides to leave her realm and married her love. But the whole kingdom pays for the wedding of the two. The ruler of the springs is aming, the water in the earth is slowly beginning to disappear... The rainbow virgin has only one way to save people from death with thirst. She's going back to the magical world she came from... Will luck then return to earth again? Will the Rainbow Virgin ever meet the beloved king and her lovely daughter Rosénka (M. Merklová)? Can the Master of Springs understand what a human feeling is?