O princezně se zlatým lukem

Premiere:  2002
Igor in role: prince Vladan

In the touring pub, the errant knight Dan and his undergrant Vík meet two offended former ministers of the Forest Kingdom. They complain that the young Princess Jelena, who recently took over, is engaged in hunting with her girl companion, but she hates men and does not want to get married - and with a capricious woman on the throne that the country will soon end badly. This will captivate the young men - they have not met the Amazons yet - so they will go to the settlement town. Under unexpected circumstances, he and the princess will meet and bond. Jelena really controls her bow and uses it to prevent her suitors from ascending to the throne - they would have to defeat her in archery... This is how the romantic tv fairy tale of screenwriter Jana Knitlová and director Rudolf Tesáček begins. The song lyrics were written by Arnošt Goldflam and musicalized by Karel Cón, the scenography and distinctive costumes are from the workshop of Tomáš and Jitka Moravcová. The title heroine of the story, despite her historical clothes and skill in horseback riding or archery, differs from the usual fairy princesses and its features are more similar to modern women: Like them, she is still searching for her place in the world and solving her relationship with her partner. The director entrusted most of the roles to young actors from the Municipal Theatre in Brno, so you can look forward to meeting Pavla Ptáčková, Jitka Čvančarová, Petra Jungmanová, Roman Vojtek or Igor Ondříček