Definice lásky

Premiere:  2020
Igor in role: Boss of Katka

"It doesn't matter if you're a poster stick in overalls or a successful manager in a designer suit. Emotional problems can hurt and torment in exactly the same way," says the director of the TV film J. Sebechlebský, which was based on a script by one of the most read Czech writers – Michal Viewegh. We will monitor the fates of several partner couples. Although they come from different social groups and can actually only meet in the most public space, such as a sports stadium, shopping mall or recreation area – they share one common "immite ambition" to find true and true love. We have a father of the family (N. Odd) who tries in vain to banish the everyday life stereotype and the beginning of the midlife crisis until pubertal infestation to an unknown beauty. There is also a young girl (B. Poláková) who rejects the puritanically bound morality of her loved ones and tries to live her own way. In doing so, he is desperately looking for a life partner. The hero of the story is also a former sports star (J. Kolařík) experiencing a bitter end to his career. It is accompanied not only by the breakdown of personal relationships, but by basically everything worth living for. And then there is the childless, well-secured married couple (P. Vitázková and I. Chmela). She and he are touchingly trying to cover up their extramarital love activities without realizing that they're already a public secret...