Roznese tě na kopytech

Premiere: 2013
Igor in role: competing hotel manager

A film based on the famous bestseller by Simona Mony. Two men and one woman in the comedic story of a love triangle, where men definitely do not win. The central theme of the film is the complicated relationships between people, selfishness and obsession. The main character is a successful psychologist in the middle of the midlife crisis. His story is an ironic to bizarre example of how a man's secret mistress's best friend can complicate life. In an effort to help a friend in relationship difficulties, the main character unleashes a rush of events, after which no stone is left unturned in his life. Jiří Dvořák in the main role is complemented by Nela Boudová as his wife and Milan Šteindler. Klára Krejsová, Jiří Vyorálek and others will perform in other roles.