Sen o krásné panně

Premiere:  1995
Igor in role: brother of Mahulena

The characters of this fairy tale dream of love, but also long for power. They can help, love, but also betray. They are brave and weak, beautiful and convile. A picture of a beautiful virgin was hidden in the darkest tower of the kingdom. It was discovered by a prince (J. Chensky) and decided to look for his beautiful virgin in the wide world. His dream Mahulena (M. Podhradská) is indeed alive and has long dreamed of the prince. The prince must overcome the intrigues of the evil Stepmother (Z. Kocúriková) and also fulfill the three wishes that Mahulena devised to get rid of the suitors. Josef Vinklář appears as the king, the father of the main character, who would celebrate his 90th birthday on November 10th this year. B. Šimková adapted it for television based on the classic fairy tale B. Němcová. Directed by L. Ráža. The fairy tale was filmed in the castles Pernštejn, Bítov and Buchlov, in the castle gardens in Buchlovice, Lednice  castle and on Pavlovský hills.