Halt, or I'll Miss!

Premiere:  1997
Igor in role: Soldier

The plot is based on a small and quite minor snag, more precisely the confusion of persons. On the first collision, more and more misunderstandings, confusions, travesties, passing, intertwining, plots, but mainly humor are packed. Without, of course, breaking causality and logic! The amazingly convoluted structure of the story and the motifs eventually unrames in front of the viewer's watchful eye to the last detail. The film, which was based on the script, had a great chance to become successful for the audience simply because it builds on the years-old principle of grotesqueness, which it happily combines with verbal humor. After all, the characters of the story are close to the švejkov dimension that most Czechs have in them, which erupts to the fullest in dramatically tense situations, as in May 1945, when the scene of the film - a Czech village - is surrounded by retreating Germans.