Jak přišli kováři k měchu

Premiere:  1998
Igor in role: Józa, apprentice

An epic fairy tale about a hard blacksmith's head and the love of a blacksmith's daughter to a sheep herd, which is based on the collection of Bozena Šimková about the creation of crafts (our fairy tale illuminates the emergence of the blacksmith belly). The fairy tale was filmed in the Brno studio of Czech Television under the direction of Vlasta Janečková, who cast musical star Roman Vojtka (shepherd of antonínek sheep) and Anna Vesela (blacksmith's daughter Terezka) in the main roles. The old blacksmith wants to hand over his workshop, and with her and his daughter Terezka, only to a burly journeyman who can start a fire. His apprentice, Józa, may be strong and hallucining, but he didn't have much wit. And the blacksmith's daughter Terezka has rather eyes for the sympathetic shepherd of the sheep Antonínka. However, the stubborn blacksmith does not want to hear about him and is slowly preparing the wedding of Terezka and Józy. In order to obtain and surround the master blacksmith, Antonínek Terezka will use his skills as a musician and, with the help of a magical elf, he will invent a blacksmith's belly.