Hříšní lidé města brněnského

Premiere: 1999
Episode: Záhadné zmizení Lily Košvancové (E03)
Igor in role: Richard "Ríša" Motl


The popular four-part miniseries returns to the czech television screen, in which the Brno detective investigation will solve criminal cases from the underworld and police circles. Even the most sophisticated criminal has no chance of escaping the deductive powers of these criminologists! The stories entitled Sólokapr, Hell's Machine, The Mysterious Disappearance of Lily Košvancová and Hluboká Propast deal with crime (often throaty) and go back to the 1920s, when the Brno "stove" (analogous to prague's sinful "galleon") ruled over the capital of Moravia. Fence streets, Dornych, Křenová, the surroundings of brno slaughterhouses and smoky locations Flédyna, New World, Mexico, these places of crime, ridicule of justice and nostalgic sentimentality of the Brno underworld have become the scene of stories of illegal somersaults, inspired by reports from police archives and articles from brno newspapers, which director Jiří Sequens elaborated into scripts. Jaroslav Uhlíra's period chansons and song lyrics aptly characterize individual works. Almost a hundred actors of great, medium and small roles will take the audience to the folk dance hall U flédynka, to the pub on Ceyla, the first refuge of convicts released from arest, but also to the roads and paths in Lusatia, occupied by ladies, capable of selling all kinds, and moreover among the Brno elite, will simply bring to the audience the reprehensible and enticing atmosphere of the bizarre world of the 1920s, now almost forgotten.
Lily Košvanc's mysterious disappearance – that's the third story of a four-part comic-crime cycle. This detective mystery from the times of the First Republic does not build on complex criminal plots, but brings good fun in the form of love affairs of the maid Polda (K. Hrachovcová) with young criminologist Šimek (A. Rašilov) and adds several botched police actions. The humorous, sometimes grotesque story of the strange abduction of the daughter of a greatzenaire takes place during the First Republic in the environment of the then so-called better society, but still resonates very much with today's times.