Okno do hřbitova

Premiere: 2011
Episode: Vzkaz od nebožky (E05)
Igor in role: pimp


The window to the cemetery is a series of thirteen half-hour mysterious stories loosely inspired by the short stories of Miloslav Švandrlík. The cycle of interesting stories from the present under the title Window to the Cemetery is a project of the Centre for Dramatic Programmes of the Brno Studio of Czech Television. Small stories containing secrets, sometimes inducing even horror, but always with a touch of humor, inspired experienced film screenwriters Martin Bezoušku and Dushan Kukal to create a short story cycle.

In individual stories in which the screenwriters Martin Bezouška and Dušan Kukal tried to preserve the unique charm, poetics and humor of the original originals.

ezdomovec Tomáš Ostrihoň is one of the people we can meet in the streets of every major city countless. He walks around a world burdened with bags in which he has everything he thinks he needs to live, including newspaper snips that fascinate him so much. In the afternoon, he sits with his box of wine in the park and observes the surroundings. This was also the case on the day when his life was about to change.