Vetřelci a lovci

Premiere: 2012
Episode: Krutá nevěra (E02)
Igor in role: colleague


Husband and wife Petr and Jana Roubal (Václav Jiráček and Tatiana Vilhelmová) are married for two years, are happy and are expecting their first child. However, an unexpected blow will come into this idyll: a pregnant Jana will one day find an envelope in the mail, from which pictures will be released, compromising her husband during erotic games with some woman – the attractive Markéta Tichoa (Gabriela Štefanová). And to make the evidence complete, there are also printed transcripts of their love emails and texts. Jana collapses, presents the contents of the envelope to Peter. He'll unhappily confide in her about the whole story. How he met the woman in question while browsing the Internet, how he met her out of curiosity, and because she showed him that he had charmed her, he eventually succumbed to her. But a week after they had their first and last sleep together, she introduced him to other people, both men and women, who told him he had been the victim of their game. Everything from the beginning was staged, because they are a bunch that decided to entertain the misfortunes of others. They break up other people's relationships, and it's kind of their private reality show... A distraught Jana miscarriages and closes in front of the whole world. At this point, the well-known nurse Věra Podlipná (Simona Stašová) and also the mysterious Doctor Zahálka (Juraj Kukura) come into play from the first episode. She convinces desperate Jana that her "intruders" need to be fought. Zalka's ingenious revenge plan also includes the husband of attractive Margaret, a wealthy businessman and a man with strange contacts, Daniel Tichý (Michal Dlouhý).