Premiere: 2017
Episode: (S02E03)
Igor in role: hotel manager


The discovery of the body of regional politician Karas, who was killed by the killer in the spirit of medieval torture practices and carefully staged in a strange scene, will set off a police hunt for a sadistic perpetrator. It puts the investigative team in the way of a complex series of murders that, with their cruel ceremonial nature, are shaking the local region and the criminologists themselves.
The roots of the complex case go back to the murder of a young girl from Slovakia who died in a similarly mysterious way to Karas. A team with a pair of seemingly disparate investigators is taking up the case. They are the criminologist Michal Remeš (Jiří Langmajer), negatively affected by a not very stable private life, and Tamara Berkyová (Zuzana Kanócz), a policewoman from Bratislava suffering from a absence of ability to communicate with her surroundings without prejudice or prejudice.
At the end of a series of murders, robberies and rang-out accidents, police officers find their way to the end of the "labyrinth" and believe hope of apprehending the perpetrator. Ironically, hieronymus Bosch's painting The Last Judgment, which clearly inspires the perpetrator to carry out his cruel acts, is also an important help.