Lucrezia Borgia

Theatre: National Theatre
Premiere: 20. listopadu 2003
Igor in role: Cesare Borgia


The mysterious snares of the papal court, the exuberance, the luxuries and the constant festivities of renaissance aristocratic courts, political intrigue and diplomatic intrigue, love adventures embodied by irritating rumours and conjecture. Against this background reveals the story of the papal Borgia family, who tried in vain to escape their fate. A family over which alternated the glow of angelic brightness with the demonic light of the devil, and in the center of which stands lucrezia borgia itself. A woman full of life, desire, hatred and cruel passion. Not an angel or a devil. On the one hand, a gentle and insidious girl, on the other, a debauched mistress of her own brother, a hateful killer... Librettist, choreographer and director Libor Vaculík and his author team created a dance-dramatic story that is stylized and graduated by the exaggeration of the Borgia legend, reviving the fates of individual family members and their tragic love adventures.