She returned one night

Premiere:  19/04/2008
Igor in role: ANIBAL, bar owner and Manuel's teammate

A mysterious comedy about love beyond the grave

This brilliantly-written comedy by the foremost contemporary author of Argentinean theatre plays has travelled all over the world with great success and has been awarded many prestigious prizes. Pedicurist and old bachelor Manuel regularly visits the grave of his mother to describe what happened to him every week. He spices up reality a bit and keeps some things secret in order to show himself in a better light. When he announces to her one day that he finally wants to get married, an unbelievable surprise awaits him at home: His mother Fanny returns from her grave after ten years of “rest” to keep an eye on the situation. This energetic women starts to meddle in the life of her adult son: and as he is, understandably, the only person who can see and hear her, a chain of comic situations, misunderstandings, exchanges and confusions starts taking place… Eduardo Rovner captures the importance of friendship and love in his comedy about a beautifully vital, though dead, woman, in an unbeatable way. In the leading role – who else than Zdena Herfortová