Gypsies are going to the Heaven

Premiere:  25/11/2006
Igor in role: Sziladi


Musical dramatic ballad about the eternal human desire, passionate love, freedom and pride. This exceptional musical comes out of the film directed by Emil Lotjanu, scripter and director, dated back to the year 1976, with impressive melodies composed by Jevgenij Doga. In our contemporary civilized world where reason usually wins feelings, the tragic love story of gypsy horse-stealer Lujko Zobar and beautiful Rada seems senseless and inconceivable. In spite of that, everybody coming into contact with this performance perceives subconsciously that it is right only like this, that a man longing for freedom must first be overcome with his feeling, neglecting profit or benefits. Love and nothing else … honour and nothing else … do you still know it? And this all in an impressive milieu of Romany ethnics, in the performance full of touching gypsy songs, wild dancing and the special poetical style of telling the story.