Mozart on Stage

Premiere:  25/09/2006 
Igor in role: Frank

Comical Opera and ballet in one evening

The inscenation of the Brno City Theatre inventively combines two works of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which are lesser-known in this country: the serenade D-dur (also known as the Haffner serenade) and the comical one-act-opera The Theatre Director. Great emphasis is laid on the comical elements of both the works: the Haffner serenade is presented as a comical dance pantomime and The Theatre Director as a nice opera trifle. Mozart´s musical and dramatic genius matches the exuberance, which is so typical of e.g. The Marriage of Figaro, premiering just a few years later.

The performance has enjoyed a remarkable success in the festival Moravský podzim (The Moravian Autumn).