The Odyssey

Premiere:  14/11/2006
Igor in role: Poseidon

Contemporary original musical – world premiere

Homer’s Odyssey is a story full of fantasy, adventure and suspense. Simultaneously, it is one of the pillars of the world literature supporting not only the development of art but also the entire human thinking. In this completely new music version spectators will be witnesses to the end of Trojan war after which its hero - the tricky king Odysseus sets out back home to Ithaca. But new and new obstacles appear in front of him, when one is overcome, another appears. Some are induced by Odysseus himself, others are laid by malicious gods out of vengeance for some hero’s acts. But it is always himself who must take up the struggle without being sure of its happy ending. He encounters the mythic giant Cyclop, then gives up to seductive Calypso, fights with his companions against Scylla and Charybdis, is often pursued by Poseidon on his dangerous voyage, descends to the underworld … What more dramatic could a theatre wish? Moreover, a lot of interesting topics concerning faithfulness, courage, hardiness, cleverness, wisdom and abjection are developed. Naturally, this all rises up from the great story full of suspense, emotion and humour.

The performance of Homer’s work comes out of attractive dramatic opportunities and distinct possibilities of music, choreographic and stage designing variations which can be built over the beautiful and monumental text. It is a spectacle composed to highlight and strengthen what Homer’s story tells and what is valid for hundreds of years.

The Odyssey became a winning project in the competition of original music works announced by the Brno City Theatre for the new Music Scene.