The Witches of Eastwick

Premiere:  10/02/2007
Igor in role: Clyde

Musical comedy / Czech premiere

John Updike’s novel The Witches of Eastwick first became a Warner Brothers’ film hit. Do you remember the three representatives of desperate women – Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon, bored with living in a little town of Eastwick in New England, who decide to live through something exceptional and conjure up a man perfect in all respects – amusing, intelligent, attentive, sexy etc.? The marvellous ideal really appears, but in the person of devil. The film role was acted by Jack Nicholson…

The film success attracted world-known producer Cameron Mackintosh and he addressed the couple of authors John Dempsey (libretto and song texts) and Dana Rowe (music) asking them to write a dramatic version. Thus, he incited the origin of the brilliantly written musical story with witty texts and catching “magic” music pulling the listeners successfully in its snares. Characters are presented with proper irony and a detached view. The musical, which world premiere was held in the London Drury Lane Theatre on 18/07/2000, comes out of the best traditions of classical Broadway musical which is developed into a really contemporary appearance. The Brno City Theatre will put on the comedy in Jiří Josek’s translation.