Premiere: 15/05/1998
Igor in role: Větříček

A competitive relation of two distinguished composers at the Viennese court – ambitious Antonio Salieri and quick-tempered Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as Amadeus’ loves, creative work and talent are depicted by the English dramatist Peter Shaffer in his drama Amadeus which became a basis for Miloš Forman’s Oscar film (1984). Sixteen years after a presentation directed by the deceased Pavel Hradil (in which Zdeněk Černín acted the part of Amadeus) a new presentation is coming to the Brno stage, this time directed and adapted by the director Zdeněk Černín. The title role is acted by the musical star Roman Vojtek, the part of Salieri is performed by Martin Havelka (originally alternating with Jiří Dvořák).

The drama is interlaced with parts from arias and compositions sung and played live and it attracts not only lovers of serious music to visit the theatre …