Premiere:  18/10/2008
Igor in role: Matyas, bodyguard and servant of Sebastian

1st part of the magical musical trilogy

Zdenek Merta and Stanislav Moša have already prepared several musical shows for our theatre, of which the most recent, the fairy tale musical “Garden of Miracles” and also the first – the musical fairy-tale “Midsummer Nights’ Dreams” are still performed today.

This time the authors have prepared the musical trilogy named The Divine Comedy. The first part, Inferno, as with the whole work, is a free interpretation of Dante’s poems. However, everything takes place in modern times, and of course with contemporary music under the direction of Stanislav Moša. The main hero of the trilogy, the currently young sculptor David, immediately becomes the double victim of circumstances which rich aristocrat Sebastian introduces into his life. Sebastian commissions David to create a statue of his beautiful young wife Bee – however, from the final form of his wife’s statue Sebastian can tell that during his work David has fallen in love with her. When Bee dies due to Sebastian’s vengeful actions, David decides to descend into hell in order to return her to life. His guide through a contemporary version of hell is Cheetah’s wife… We wouldn’t like to give away the whole highly original (though hundred’s of years old) poetry-inspired story. Let’s just say that the most important aspect is the strength of human love, which is able through will alone to overcome other, (seeming at first sight to be) incontrovertible laws of our world and universe.