Premiere:  28/03/2008 
Igor in role: Juan Domingo Perón

a dance musical

After the world-wide success of Jesus Christ Superstar, both authors set out to produce a musical version of the life story of an important character in contemporary history, Eva Perón. Evita was the wife of the dictator Juan Perón, the first lady of Argentina in the years 1946 - 1953 and admired by the masses. In opposition to Eva and Perón stands the cynical leftist Che (Che Guevara) as a one-voice choir, whose extravagantly dramatic form was created by the director of the world premiere in Prince Edward Theatre in London in 1978, the American Harold Prince. This musical successfully uses two musical styles - soft-rock, pleasantly supplemented by Spanish elements, and he connects it masterfully with a dramatically different modern musical language.