The three Musketeers

Premiere:  13/09/2008 
Igor in role: Athos 

heroic fantasy

The newest dramatization of the famous historical/adventure novel which develops a romantic story about honour, loyalty and love against a background of political intrigues. Three inseparable friends, members of the royal musketeers: the brave Athos, the man of muscle Porthos and the subtle Aramis find a new friend in the merry Gascon nobleman d'Artagnan. Together they face the intrigues of Cardinal Richelieu who is trying, with the help of his spies - Milady DeWinter and the Comte de Rochefort - to compromise the French Queen and strengthen his personal power. After numerous adventures, in which things from the mysterious past of the heroes are also unveiled, the chivalry of the musketeers and their loyalty to the noble rules of honour conquer the wiles of the revengeful Milady as well as the Cardinal. The Three Musketeers fascinate spectators even today, with the adventurous concept, and the optimism and vital energy with which the main characters successfully face their obstacles. In the musketeer epic, Dumas managed to create a picture of unforgettable heroes who, thanks to their moral qualities - their courage, loyalty and honour - became the very symbol of bravery and chivalry. This dramatization by our theatre's exceptionally successful collaborative team will be surprising in many ways!