A Midsummer Night Dream

Premiere: 21/06/1991
Igor in role: Théseus

Midsummer Nights’ Dreams, a musical fairy tale written according to William Shakespeare’s play Midsummer Night’s Dream was rewarded by the Czech Music Fund as the best production of the year in the year of its premiere. It is the first of a series of musicals written by the successful couple of authors Zdeněk Merta - Stanislav Moša (followed by The Bastard, Babylon and The World Full of Angels).

It has been in the repertoire at the Brno City Theatre for sixteen years and has also been played with success on the Křižík’s Fountain in Prague many times (first night on 18/6/1992), and in a lot of European towns in English and German (Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany).

Human instability, hate in relations between a man and a woman, jealousy, unwillingness to make agreement, contrast between the good and the evil are motifs of the musical fairy tale unfolding dozens of dream variations to culminate in a charming glorification of love…