The Name of the Rose

Premiere:  19/02/2011
Igor in role: Ubertin from Casale

A mysterious drama! A mysterious detective story! A mystical gothic thriller! An exciting historical detective story! A mystical horror! A thrilling excursion into the aesthetic thinking of the middle ages! / Czech premiere

Whatever it is, it is a world-famous novel by the famous Italian philosopher, semiotic and writer Umberto Eco, who is considered to be the most educated, most sophisticated and most creative author of the last decades, and it will be shown in an excellent dramatization by German actor, director and dramaturgist Claus J. Frankl. A Franciscan friar, William of Baskerville, together with his pupil, the young novice Adso of Melk, investigate the circumstances around the mysterious deaths that take place within a few November days in the year 1327 in one unnamed abbotship in Italy.

The main building of the abbey conceals the largest library of the Christian world at that time from inquisitive people in a clever and confusing labyrinth of corridors. As all the murdered monks had something to do with the library, it seems that the criminal deeds are closely related to it. If William of Baskerville wants to solve this mystery, he has to revolt against the authority of the church, the Holy Inquisition, and face the dark conspiracy of the monks in the abbotship; he has to simply rely only on his own wit and intelligence… With this passionate and magical story, the spectators are taken into the mysteries of medieval education as well as medieval politics and love affairs, into the whirlpool of deep spiritual enlightenment as well as sensual passion…