The book with no name

Premiere:  09/04/2011
Igor in role: Jericho, Carlito, portýr Tim

comic action horror western / world premiere

This dramatization of a magically sensational novel by an unknown American author (it’s not that he is known only a little, but he is completely unknown – it isn’t known generally who is the real author!) who hides under a mysterious pseudonym, ‘Bourbon Kid’, is remarkable for many reasons. The novel tells an intricate story about a gem of extraordinary value which can guarantee immortality to its owner and which was stolen from the Habals, a peace-loving order of monks.

Those who set off to find it discover that the trail leads to the strange, totally sinful and spoilt Mexican town of Santa Mondega. This is only the beginning of a parodical, entertaining and inventive theatrical spectacle in the spirit of Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez films, which plays with elements from the thriller, action film, vampire horror and western genres, and where the Asian martial arts of Shaolin monks meets the damned fast pistols of who else but the unbeatable gunman Bourbon Kid!