Jindřich VIII.

Premiere:  21/02/2004
Igor in role: Duke of Buckinghamu

Historic Parable

The Famous History of the Life of Henry VIII, this is the full title of a very special epilogue of the great Elizabethan William Shakespeare. The style of the play is notably different from the early works with which Shakespeare made his début in the theatre: his poetry reaches the highest peak of easiness; it is even possible to say that Shakespeare did not create a usual drama, but an original bright and breathtaking show in which political play mingles with tragedy without bitterness, kind comedy and a certain type of a rite. He filled his play dealing with the clash of Henry’s royal and private ambitions with a number of episodes illustrating the fall of several powerful people, especially the Duke of Buckingham, Henry’s first wife Catherine of Aragon and the almighty king’s counsellor Cardinal Wolsey. The play culminates with Henry’s wedding with the irresistible Anne Boleyn and the famous baptizing of their daughter, the future Elizabeth I. In spite of the fact that the plot of the play reflects politics of intrigues without scruples which can cost people’s lives, humility, peace, penitence and mercy are the dominant features of the play, being fully in compliance with the essence of Shakespeare’s last works. The Brno City Theatre will present the Czech premiere of the play translated by Jiří Josek and directed by Stanislav Moša, the General Manager of the theatre.