Funny Girl

Premiéra:  22/09/2012
Igor v roli: Eddie Ryan, Ziegfeld's assistnat

a classic musical comedy

This famous American musical had its premiere on Broadway way back in 1964 where it immediately became a phenomenal success, with a run of more than one thousand three hundred performances. The story of vaudeville artist Funny Brice has been fascinating spectators all over the world ever since. Its popularity was also aided by the 1968 film of the same name with Barbra Streisand and Omar Sharif in the main roles. The world-famous actress received an Oscar for the part; it should be added that she also played the role in the theatre premiere. A fascinating narrative on the life and great love of the artist and her husband, a gambler, it is full of unforgettable dancing performances and melodies which have since become popular classics. Moreover, it is inspired by the real life story of an actress, dancer and singer who managed to change from an ugly duckling into a glittering, well-loved star of theatrical productions thanks to her phenomenal talent and sense of humour, despite her initial lack of fortune. The musical obtained several prestigious Tony Awards.