The Full Monty

Premiere:  17/05/2013
Igor in role: Harold Nichols, unemployed steel plant superviser

a musical comedy

This new musical is based on the popular British film The Full Monty. It is a work which has its roots in authentic, unprettified British reality and which shows that sympathetic side to the British character – the ability to take the saddest of human situations: social crisis, unemployment, loss of self-worth – and get a whole load of fun out of them! The musical, just like the film, tells the story of a bunch of unlucky steelworkers who all lose their jobs at the same time. Their efforts to find a new role in life all come to nought, and so out of pure desperation the friends decide to found a group of dancing strippers, despite the fact that they are hardly what one would normally expect to see in a striptease act in terms of their physique and their age... The musical, which not long ago conquered Broadway, features great music in the form of rock-funk arrangements - all the more reason for us to look forward to seeing it at our theatre.