Premiere:  28/09/2013
Igor in role: Johny, strip bar owner

a musical

American famous film, by director Adrian Lyne, was a real hit in its time, making more than a hundred million dollars. The soundtrack won a Grammy award, as well as other accolades, and sold over 700 000 records. Thirty years have passed since the creation of this phenomenon, which influenced at least one generation of spectators. The story of an eighteen year old girl, Alex Owens, who works as a welder during the day and does what fulfils her – i.e. dancing – at night, wishing to be admitted to a dance academy, captured the imagination of the whole world. Certain songs from it (e.g. What A Feeling or Maniac) have found a permanent place in the pop hall of fame.

It is no wonder, then, that in 2008 English theatre producer David Ian decided to adapt this romantic tale with its atmosphere of the popular 1980s for the stage. Tom Hedley and Robert Cary wrote a story of love, desire and fulfilled dreams based on the film script, incorporating well-known melodies (five original and sixteen new songs appeared in the musical), and a show was created that first toured the United Kingdom and then was performed at the West End’s Shaftesbury Theatre for several months. At present, a new version of the show is touring America and preparations are being made for its performance on Broadway. Our theatre is proud to be able to bring this breathtaking and energy-filled story full of dynamic choreography to Czech audiences in the show’s premiere on the European continent (!) with a translation by Jiří Josek.