Flight Dreams

Premiere:  24/01/2015
Igor in role: Robert/Oberon

a fantasy musical

The plot is written in the popular fantasy genre which creates completely new worlds full of magic, supernatural events and mythical characters, and thus follows in the footsteps of the legends of this artistic genre, such as Tolkien´s The Lord of the Rings or Pratchett´s Discworld. Dreamflight tells the story of a magic and breathtaking adventure experienced by a small girl, Lila, who falls asleep on a book of fairy-tales and wakes up, together with her granny, in a magical world full of trolls, elves, fauns and fairies. They discover that the magic empire is facing problems right now which only Lila can help with. In the Czech premiere, we will witness a thrilling tale chock full of magical characters and environments equally suitable for every member of the family, just as was the case with one of our other productions, Mary Poppins, which was also directed by Petr Gazdík.