Shear Madness

Premiere:  12/09/2015
Igor in role: Antoním "Tony" Řezníček, Hairdresser

A detective comedy with several endings

This play by German-speaking author Paul Pörtner comes from the 1960s and is a popular piece at many theatres. The first version of Shear Madness was shown in Boston for more than twenty years. It is an original crazy comedy which enables theatregoers to influence events and decide on the further course of the story. The play mixes thrills and entertainment perfectly and offers the audience an unforgettable experience as they become direct witnesses to a murder which they later have to testify about before finally also convicting the killer. The story takes place at the “Shear Madness” hairdressing saloon where random as well as permanent customers come to have their hair cut as well as have a chat with the somewhat distinctive staff. The atmosphere changes when the piano on the first floor stops playing and a crime is committed...