Premiere:  16/01/2016
Igor in role: Henry Etches, main steward of 1st class, company

a fateful musical

In 1997, a musical inspired by the story of the most famous marine disaster of all time had its premiere on Broadway. The musical Titanic won five Tony Awards, including best musical! Its first production saw more than eight hundred repeats and has been translated into six languages to date. The authors speak about what the 20th century brought mankind in the area of technical progress and weigh it against the great class differences in society as well as the private lives of every individual. The plot of the theatre version of the well-known event is composed of, apart from the events connected with the supposedly unsinkable ship, the stories of real people – the crew, the passengers, real as well as imaginary characters. We meet Captain E. J. Smith, ship constructor Thomas Andrews, watch officer Frederick Fleet and telegrapher Harold Bride, whose real experiences are accompanied here by the stories of common passengers. All classes are represented – three young Irish women who are longing to find happiness in America, traders who wish to make their way amongst the cream of society, and also those eccentric millionaires who cannot miss such an opportunity as the sailing of the largest boat in the world. The mosaic of minor human fates creates the greater picture of that powerful story that we remember every time we consider the destruction of the Titanic. Our performance of the musical will be a Czech premiere!