A Flea in her Ear

Premiere:  27/04/1996
Igor in role: Kamil Champsboisy


A Flea in Her Ear, a light farce which is the most frequently performed play by the French dramatist Georges Feydeau, belongs not only to the masterpieces of the author, but it is also a summary of the French theatre since Molière’s time. The author of the comedy starts to tell with irony, humour and gracefulness a simple story of seeming infidelity at the Lantern Rouge Hotel into which all characters are dragged step by step. Thus, the presentation of A Flea in Her Ear on the stage of the Brno Municipal Theatre directed and adapted by Gustav Skála (also a choreographer) and brand-newly translated by Marie Veselá-Dugrangee does not lack a wonderful fun. The mise-en-scene was recorded and successfully broadcasted by the Czech Television.