Fish in the Dark

Premiere:  17/12/2016
Igor in role: Arthur

a black comedy

Renowned American stand-up comedian and sit-com writer Larry David made his debut last year (!) as a theatre author on Broadway at the age of 68 – and he managed to break a Broadway record for the number of tickets sold before a premiere has even occurred (and the average price of one ticket climbed to an unbelievable 230 dollars!!!). “Is Fish in the Dark worth the hundreds of dollars? It is, up to the last cent!” a Guardian reviewer wrote.

Larry David has written a brilliant contemporary farce which proves his mastery of the construction of word and situation-based wit, polished over many years. We are presenting this production only one and a half years after its first performance in New York. It’s a European premiere, and for a considerably lower price than in the States!

Fish in the Dark is the story of timid, self-deprecating Norman and his eccentric, dominant mother Gloria who moves into Norman´s home after his father’s death and vigorously begins organizing his life. Norman thus desperately oscillates between the requirements of his mother, who can´t get along with his wife Brenda, of his wife, who can´t get along with his mother, and of his father´s ex-housekeeper Manuela, whose son Diego suspiciously resembles Norman’s deceased father... Fish in the Dark counterbalances the seemingly non-comic topic of a death in the family with brilliant Woody Allen-style dialogues. The role of Gloria is undoubtedly be a great opportunity for the first lady of Czech theatre, Ms Zdena Herfortová.