Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Premiere:  06/12/2008
Igor in role: Prófa

A crazy musical fairy-tale for the whole family

A story which is probably known to everyone – after the death of Snow White’s good-hearted mother, the Queen, the kind King brings home a bad Stepmother who cannot bear the beauty of her stepdaughter. When the King dies, the young Snow White is left completely at her mercy. She is saved from death by fleeing into the depths of a dark forest. At the end of this distressing journey there is, luckily, a cosy house with seven small beds – one for Doc, one for Sneezy, one for Sleepy, one for Grumpy, one for Bashful, one for Happy and one for Dopey. The only thing missing here is the care of a woman’s hand and the beds are somewhat small. However, the Stepmother learns that Snow White has escaped her plots and she decides to get rid of the girl herself…
Against the background of the well known fairy-tale by the brothers Grimm, and softly inspired by the famous animated Walt Disney version, the music composer Karel Cón and the librettists Stanislav Slovák, Jan Šotkovský and Petr Štěpán have created their own original production, full of horror, suspense, crazy humour as well as fairy-tale kindness. All of this is, of course, spiced up by charming, catchy songs. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has all the potential to be a pleasant performance offering a great amount of joy and pleasure to both children and parents alike. Simply good entertainment for the whole family.