Premiere:  1999
Igor in role:  


A. N. Ostrovsky's comedy is one of its most played by its author and also one of the most famous Russian comedies of the 19th century. An excellently written story about how one miser tries to outdo another, about how old gets a taste for the young, and last but not least, the presence of a theatrical element in the form of two wandering actors allows to play not only fireworks of comedy situations, but also to communicate something substantial about people and the time we live. Oddly enough, director Zdeněk Černín did not even have to dress the characters in contemporary costumes to make us feel like we were looking at our contemporaries. The production premiered in October 1998 at the Brno City Theatre and Zdena Herfortová, a representative of the landowner Gurmyžská, was nominated for the Thalia Award for this role in the same year.