Mourning Becomes Elektra

Premiere: 06/04/2002
Igor in role: Orin


Mourning Becomes Electra, a tragedy of people who found themselves outside the harmony, occupies a central place in the work of the American dramatist Eugene O´Neill as well as in the world drama of the twentieth century. It is said that O´Neill, one of the greatest modernist writers, has executed nothing less in the American drama but changed it in about ten years from a false world of dextrous professional tricks into the world of beauty, fear and magnitude. The Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to O´Neill only as the second American related just to the grandiose trilogy Mourning Becomes Electra, a ravishing tragedy about a fall of the Mannon dynasty on the background of just finished war of the American North against the South, a drama about parents and children, love and hate, crime and punishment, desire and conscience …. A drama of great theatrical opportunities.