Premiere: 15/05/2003
Igor in role: lieutenant Lukáš

Stanislav Moša, the director and playwright, presented his Schveik in Terst, Italy, in 1998; two years later in Bautzen, Germany, and in March 2003 in Rijeka, Croatia. After the three successful premieres, he presents the play in the environment in which Schveik is at home.

In his novel, Jaroslav Hašek makes fun of the absurd Austria-Hungary empire, its dull machinery, he makes fun of the principles of the state administration, provincial career-hunting so obvious in the army, and most of all he makes fun of an inability of any order to file and identify a person and treat such a person according such a filing, defining his/her social role. Using his humour, Hašek workmanly shows what happens with such an effort if it becomes a means of power of people, both intelligent and idiots. Logically, ideals and laws are turned into a sad farce due to personal ambitions or opportunism.