Premiere: 01/05/2004
Igor in role: father

Musical Poetic Fresco

Without any doubt, May, the Czech “poem of all poems”, is the most famous work of the Czech Romanticism, being at the same time the most important work by Karel Hynek Mácha, who published the poem in 1836. The important Czech critic F. X. Šalda, who had called Mácha “a dreamer and rioter”, characterised him after having read his May as follows: “Mácha is a musical genius…” Šalda also pointed to the fact that May is not just a chant of love and that it is so popular due to the urgency of problems connected to the human existence. Thanks to this, the most important work by Mácha is still appealing not just as a heritage of the past but also as an eternally exciting and mysterious challenge inspiring new interpretations. The successful team of authors, Petr Ulrych and Stanislav Moša, who have already achieved great success with the musicals Radúz and Mahulena and Koločava in the Brno City Theatre, have accepted this challenge.