Premiere: 01/10/2004
Igor in role: psychologist, officer

Musical according to Miloš Forman’s script

The musical Hair, a cult work of the American musical theatre the first night of which took place on Broadway in the year 1968, started a series of so-called rock musicals. In its time, the Hair narrating about a community of long-haired hippies brought a lot of serious themes on stage, such as entirely independent freedom, drugs, free love or anti-militaristic protest. The New York critic Clive Barnes designated the musical immediately after its opening night as “the frankest show in town“ and the only one which “is the first broadway musical in some time to have the authentic voice of today rather than the day before yesterday“. While the dramatic version distinguished itself by its revue form having an imponderable story, the film version written by Miloš Forman in 1979 includeda strong and well-elaborated story.