Křídla 2019/2020

Premiere: 23/01/2021
Director: Igor Ondříček


The tradition of the audience survey for the most popular actor, actress, production and creative achievement originated at brno city theatre in 1997 and on Saturday, January 23, 2021, the 24th edition of the announcement took place. Saturday night's tensions were all the more heightened, that the traditional announcement and awarding of the annual Wing Awards, given the general situation, took place in an unconventional way in the online space through a live stream from the stage of the Drama Scene MdB. At the same time, this current situation, but this time in humorous form, was also reflected in the main theme of the whole festive evening, when we alternated from the TV studio, from which tv news presenter Eliška Skálová gradually reminded us of all the essential information and important events of the last theatre season 2019/2020, regularly moved to the press conference of the Ministry of MdB, which consisted of Viktor Skála, Rastislav Gajdoš, Alan Novotný, Lenka Bartolšicová and Marta Matějová with exaggeration and wit gradually discussed from all points of view all categories in which the Wing Award is awarded. Jan Brožek, Kristýna Daňhelová, Jonáš Florián, Barbora Goldmannová, Zdena Herfortová, Robert Jícha, Zdeněk Junák, Dagmar Křížová, Jiří Mach, Igor Ondříček and Ivana Vaňková and many others also took the stage in various sketches, curls, singing and dancing numbers or as the awards ceremony. Throughout the year, the audience cast their votes, and after they were counted, the verdict was clear. Hana Kratochvilová took the first place in the Most Outstanding Creative Achievement category for her choreography for mamma mia!. This legendary musical continued to thrive because the most popular production of the season was chosen by the voting musical Mamma Mia!, for which director Petr Gazdík took the award. Alena Antalová won in the Most Popular Actress category, and Aleš Slanina became the most popular actor, and the audience voted for a truly beautiful gift for his 35th birthday, which he celebrated on this very day. Other nominees and their location can be found below in the clear listing. As in previous years, "internal" prizes were awarded, the holders of which are not decided by the audience, but by the management of the theatre. This time, the award of the Collegiate Revue Dokořán honored the composer and author of song lyrics Petr Ulrych for his work on the fairy-tale musical About the Brave Blacksmith and the Director's Award was awarded by the Director of the MdB Stanislav Moša himself, this time for the first time in memoriam, to the actor Martin Havelka. The 25th Yearbook MdB 2019/2020, which charts the past theatre season, was also baptized as part of the gala evening. This year, the director of the MdB Stanislav Moša chose his three artistic bosses as godparents – the head of the musical ensemble Petr Gazdík, the head of the singing ensemble Igor Ondříček and the head of the drama ensemble Stanislav Slovák.