The Angel and the Sparrow

Premiere: 07/11/2015
Director: Igor Ondříček

Marlene and Edith

Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich - two of the greatest names in international show business. The first of them enchanted the world with her singing, her moving life story and unostentatious appearance, while the other did the same with her beauty, elegance and bewitching stare, being one of the first European (German) actresses to manage to become popular in Hollywood. The first one longs to experience true love and always goes overboard when feeling something new, while the other changes men (and perhaps also women) like coats and doesn´t bother to hide her cynical opinion on romance. The first dies of exhaustion at the age of forty-seven and all France grieves for her, while the other lives to the admirable age of ninety-one and her native Germany considers her a traitor. They are so different and yet they manage to find a common rhythm, common topics and even a common love.

This musical drama, based on a script by David Winterberg, which plays with the women’s life stories and covers a love story and the history of the friendship of these unforgettable women, had its premiere at the Burgtheater in Vienna in 2014, where it met with disarming success. It’s not really surprising, as almost twenty immortal songs by the two stars can be heard during the performance (sung live by the actresses, of course)! At present, a new version of this successful production is being created for a Swiss tour under Stanislav Moša´s direction. Our theatre will have the honour of showing it almost at the same time, in a Czech premiere to take place on 7th November 2015 at the Drama Theatre. It features Stanislav Moša´s directorial concept and is conducted by Karel Cón and directed by Igor Ondříček.