The three Musketeers

Premiere: 17/06/2018
Director: Igor Ondříček

A heroic and romantic musical comedy in 12 scenes based on a novel by Alexander Dumas

The whole world knows the four inseparable friends from the beginning of the 17th century. Young, jolly and brave d´Artagnan, rational, mysterious and cordial Athos, boastful, jovial and strong Porthos, and pious, subtle and contemplative Aramis set off together on a journey full of hardship to put a stop to the evil plans of an intriguer par excellence – Cardinal Richelieu. The immortal story by the romantic novelist and playwright Alexander Dumas has been known to readers since 1844, and since then has appeared in many film and theatre adaptations. Our audiences also met the characters some time ago in a successful adaptation by the director Hana Burešová. Now, however, the story will return in a different, verse version by Vítězslav Nezval. It emphasizes the romantic and historical aspects of the story, which is ideal for the environment of the Bishop´s Courtyard. In 1934 the poet, who was then thirty-four years old, created a dramatization of the work for the Vinohrady theatre in Prague. It has been performed at various venues since then, such as the Karlín Theatre, where it was directed by Václav Kašlík in 1953. In 1982 it was made into a two-part film directed by Ladislav Rychman.

We can look forward to meeting the lovestruck Queen and the Duke of Buckingham, as well as the Comte de Rochefort and mysterious Milady de Winter, who are trying to harm them on orders from the Cardinal, and there will also be the friendly servant Planchet and beautiful Constance Bonacieux. The thrilling journey made because of a set of diamond studs offers viewers an ideal theatre experience before the summer begins. In the new version, spectators will get to enjoy a famous story full of love, intrigue, courage and mainly friendship in the open air. It is directed by Igor Ondříček, who has previously also prepared a successful production of A Night at Karlštejn for this outdoor stage.