Viva "LaLaLa" Republika

Premiere: 27/10/2018
Director: Igor Ondříček
Author: Igor Ondříček, Vojta Blahuta

Hits of Czech History

In October, we will commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the republic. This reflects not only the production of Osmyčka on the Drama Stage, but also the concert of VIVA "LALALA" REPUBLIKA. This concert summarizes the history of the past hundred years as befits a musical theater: music. Hits that our grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and dads knew, and those that remind us of our own past. The end of the First World War, songs by Karel Hašler, the founding of the tramp settlement Lost Hope and the rise of tramping, Liberated Theater, songs from the films of the First Republic, building socialism, Semafor Theater, Olympic, 1968, anti-charter period, the present - these milestones in our history, The early centuries-old republics have become a source for the selection of songs that have accompanied our country for the last hundred years and which you can recall in this unique project performed by our orchestra and soloists of the Municipal Theater in a completely new arrangement.