Premiere: 27/02/2003
Igor in role: cabaret artist and customs officer


The musical Cabaret, contrary to its originals (the libretto writer Joe Masteroff based his work on autobiographical stories of the Anglo-American writer Christopher Isherwood and on the theatre play I am a Camera by the American playwright John van Druten), is interesting especially because it offers a confrontation of two levels: the real one, describing Clifford Bradshaw’s Berlin experiences, especially his love affair with the cabaret singer Sally Bowles, and the “hyperbolic“ level of the cabaret which is under the veil of entertainment capable of preciserevelation of human destinies, feelings and passions. The cabaret is a place where people are having a great time and at the same time a metaphor for the world in which clowning and absurdity have become the fundamental sense of life.

The message of the Cabaret is appealing even at the present time paying no attention to many dangerous ideas and actions as if unaware of them possibly becoming the beginning of the end.

Therefore - welcome to the Cabaret!